Our approach is a bit different .We will go over a plan with you working out what you want. When we have some reasonable working drawings we then send the plans out to be quoted. We ask our subcontractors and suppliers to provide a price to do the job properly, not tell them we will give you $XXX to do the job. Our suppliers have a full range of products to chose from ,not just the container of tiles we just got from China.

This process takes a bit longer but building  with us will give you flexibility,  a full range of products personal service and a home with your flair and input thrown in.



Sometimes you just need more room . If you like your area, like your neighbours,  extending can be the perfect solution. There are no Solicitors fees, Real estate agent fees, Stamp duty and so on. Add these up and quiet often they will put a big hole in the cost of the extension.

We have done many of these . We work with you and your sketch plans and advise on a practical and cost effective way to achieve the extra space that you desire.  We understand that we are working in your home and try our utmost to keep disruption to a minimum. We are kid friendly and housetrained .

Sometimes extensions can be awkward but our small team approach makes the job that much easier.




At some stage all homes get a little tired and need a freshen up. It may be as simple as a new doors or it could be a complete gut and revamp  .We can do it . Whether it is a simple little spruce up or more complex project. Internal walls can be opened up , windows can be changed ,cupboards can be added . The possibilities are endless. Finish with a lick of paint and your old place can be transformed into a stunning home.




A little specialty of ours. Completely strip out the bathroom , repair the water damaged timber and then replace all the old fixtures and tiles with brand new shiny ones. In a couple of weeks  you can go from an outdated mouldy bathroom to a sparkling bright room that you will love.



We have completed a number of commercial and industrial projects with great results . These have been  factories and storage facilities complete with offices ,driveways and landscaped surrounds .We can also do office fitouts and any changes to your existing building to suit your current needs. These can be quoted or on a cost plus arrangement .